Elegant, sophisticated, refined, blue is the color of loyalty, determination and dignity. In nature, blue represents the sky and water and establishes moods like cold and humid. All of these sensations belong to the bathroom environment and Cerasa have transferred them to the surfaces of its collection’s furniture. Blue emphasizes the authority of Decor Play. With this nuance handles, the surface and the legs are produced with a phase-contrast finish and the refinement of details and the perfection of the shapes result amplified.
The profiles of the Suede’s curve base seem to come alive and the grain of the chestnut wood finish gains depth. Some Joy’s compositions are also part of this selection. The geometric shapes of the furniture and the grip recess, that serves as a handle, are emphasized by this unedited cromo-range and a lot more. Joy’s peculiarity, i.e. being design to furnish the walk-in closet too, fits perfectly with the color that makes the furniture versatile and an ideal solution for different home’s environments.
Cerasa portrays sensations, emotions, necessities that find their greatest expression in the color, it manages wisely shades and creativity in order to give life to a product treated in all its detail and specifics, of which the color doesn’t represent just the exterior aspect. The color is in everything and speaks directly to our instinct.

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