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per fare un tavolo ci vuole un albero


As mentioned in a children’s nursery rhyme, that describes the production process starting from the made product and tell its story. But have you ever imagined how a bathroom furniture is born? Or how much work is behind a single furniture?
First of all it needs to be said that the Cerasa’s production connects people with different styles, from romantic shabby-chic to rigorous minimalism, just to mention some. The company’s know-how is located in the production heart: the ability to work wood products, the wide chromatic range, the project’s vision of tomorrow and the will to renovate and change at every step. The personalization of dimensions and finishes allows to gift, to whom chooses Cerasa, an emotion, a product that is resistant through time and an object that is custom-made.
Play, with its many souls, York, Ryo, Joy, Velvet, Movida, Suede and Free: each one of them tells a story in which is engraved the human hand and the forward-looking vision of a furniture that doesn’t end only in the bathroom, but that each time satisfies the necessities of all living environments. The versatility of the projects signed Cerasa is visible not only in the furniture, but also in the additions such as the illuminating bodies.
Experimentation, quality and trustworthy, this is how to describe the company that from a tree (strictly certified FSC) builds a useful, functional and esthetically pleasing object.

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