Let’s tell the truth: all hat and no cattle doesn’t charm anyone anymore. For sure it will be forgiven the, maybe inappropriate, use of this metaphor, but it’s an insightful way to say that beauty on its own, is not enough. We have always been careful to join aesthetic pleasure with functional comfort; the quality and the safety of our furniture are company’s plus that are recognized and appreciated.
Cerasa is not only synonym of wide personalization, but also of quality and safety: what does it means? All products are Made In Italy, components and electronic accessories are conformed to the European directives in terms of safety, every processing module (door, drawer, full-height unit, wall unit…) has a personalized processing scheme, the shelves are realized with tempered glass with a thickness of 5mm that guaranties crashworthiness, the steel drawers with total extraction and soft-closing rails have a maximum carrying capacity of 50kg, the mirrors are provided with a safety film and the wall units are equipped with hardware items with a security screw system that can be regulated for the wall fixing. All Cerasa’s collections are cured in the details. This is the difference: the safety may be invisible to the human eye, but it ensures resistance in time to collisions, stress and humidity: it is that added value that is indispensable for an investment on your own future (short, medium or long term).

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