05.05.2020 - Interviews


We have been gasping for weeks. In the company, where we could no longer be present as before; at home, where we were forced to; on the web, where we learned about new tools to share and talk to each other. Our country has been particularly affected by pandemic effects; many say that “nothing will be the same as before”, but we like to think that, precisely in times of difficulty, opportunities can be seen and new solutions can be found. Certainly, now more than ever, it is useful to try to think longer-term than usual and focus on objectives, reinventing ourselves, exploring new fronts.
We are sure that our most peculiar characteristics, that all-Italian entrepreneurial vision, the natural inclination towards design and taste for beauty, together with the cultural dimension and our unique and ingenious production system, will help us in a certainly difficult restart, but which will be able to reward us for the constant commitment and great passion that we always put into our work.

Cerasa also formally stopped for some time, but our ongoing projects and ideas for the future have never stopped running. We have been able to use this moment to breathe, strengthening contacts and relationships, to imagine new projects and finalise others. We have had the confirmation of how important our work is, of how much we miss our large Cerasa family, made up of women and men, who, with a great sense of belonging and participation, make our furniture with head and hands. Today we get back on that train that had momentarily stopped, to continue our journey made of relationships, shares and proposals, with the desire to reach new goals and great satisfactions.

Never as at this time, the design and furnishings that surround us have been so close to us, revealing all their soul in being companions in this home adventure. Our habits have changed, attention to personal care and hygiene has become central, we have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking, keeping fit at home or talking to our loved ones with technology. There is also a renewed focus on responsible consumption, focused on quality. In short, an evolution of habits that will condition our consumption, making it increasingly responsible and focused on quality.
We have supported ourselves in recent weeks with a phrase that made us feel united in a great nation that is Italy: “everything will be fine”. It will certainly be better if we are able to face the change. It is the time of great responsibility, of those who, at the helm, must manage the future, protect the health and safety of people in every way, identify priorities and focuses for growth. Together we have to imagine new and different scenarios, recovering part of the time that hasn’t seen us operational. As always, our commitment will be maximum and we will be able to imagine and create new furnishing solutions and new ways to tell them to our public, bringing a ‘made in Cerasa’ in our clients’ homes, which embodies all the values of a great cohesive team, proud of its work and results.


Roberto Riboldi
General Manager



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