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Hidden and space-saving solutions for bathroom furnishings

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When designing our own home furnishings, focusing on elegant but multipurpose solutions, which are space-saving by definition, each room deserves a thorough study, in order to create areas that reflect our soul while being perfectly functional, according to our needs. The bathroom often requires special attention both for good space management and for order and cleanliness. All this can become a pleasant adventure, which will lead us to the discovery of new furniture functionalities.


Thinking about those who want to find the best solution for their bathroom, Cerasa offers a series of smart, aesthetically elegant and customisable, but above all, functional elements. In this way, hidden spaces, which by their nature are invisible, become usable without spoiling the atmosphere or creating confusion.



Base units, hidden spaces and concealed lighting come to life harmoniously integrating into solutions where the purity of lines redefines them into shapes that are original just as much as they are practical. NeroLab tops in high thickness with integrated basin, as well as being customisable to the centimetre, on the option of 16 cm thickness allow the creation of lateral and frontal storage open compartments of different widths, thus creating unexpected niches, where to store all accessories to have comfortably at hand.


Even upstands hide effect LED lighting and, in the 11 cm thickness, give the possibility to create support and storage spaces with linear and elegant results, thanks to the continuity of the material with which they are made. In order to have make-up or shaving accessories at hand, without creating a mess on the top, the Segno collection offers tops in Ocritec, equipped with a storage compartment with a magnifying mirror inside.



A timeless solution for practicality exploits the mirror as a cabinet to contain various objects: an example is the Segno original proposal of a mirror with a flap door, enriched by the lower open compartment and integrated lighting. Cerasa has also reversed the factors when it has created one of the most loved elements of the Suede collection: the iconic full-height unit with soft shapes, inspired by Art Decò. The full-height unit, realised in walnut wood (Noce Canaletto), encloses specific shelves, inside the curved door, and enhances the back thanks to the application of a full-length mirror. Nerolab full-height unit instead has more squared lines.


Inside, the door has a full-length mirror, while tempered glass shelves provide support space. Those who want the mirror to reflect their own personality, not only the aesthetic one, can “find themselves” in Music, the mirror with lateral and frontal LED lighting, two speakers on the back side, Bluetooth connection and central touch switch. Dedicated to those who don’t want to miss the morning press reviews, or are looking for evening relaxation after a full day: multitasking is interpreted also in the bathroom.

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