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The essential and spacious floor standing washbasin unit

very functional thanks to its storage features

Single is new Cerasa collection of floor standing washbasin units with an essential line but excellent storage capacity. It is realised with an under basin drawer, a large storage drawer and a left or right door. Thanks to handle absence, it has a clean and modern line. Fronts are easily opened thanks to the inclined edge on which a Champagne colour metal integrated handle is applied.


The advantages in having a floor standing washbasin units are easy to be identified: first of all, it does not impact the wall, keeping out all weight considerations of a hanging unit. Then, it allows taking advantage of storage capacity in all the height of the unit. Moreover, floor standing units are often not considered due to irregularities in the floor on which they rest, but Single, thanks to its concealed adjustable feet, adapts also to non-linear surfaces.

La base lavabo Single, specchio Tondo 2 retroilluminato con diametro di 105 cm.
Rivestimento Skinglass in fibra di vetro a parete Specchio con illuminazione a LED perimetrale
Base lavabo a terra Single in nobilitato Dogato Wood su cui poggia il lavabo Unica in Solid Surface.

The drawer under the basin is extremely handy for all that everyday things, because it is ease of access and everything is nearby. Even the storage large drawer gives space to more voluminous object, always with an easy access. The door, on the contrary, is a space where place small appliances or non-frequently use spare products, to be distributed in depth and depending on use.


The available washbasin units have six different widths from 60 to 120 cm and the small 45,5 depth allows to place it also in places with a restricted space. Single is available in all Sistema line laminates and in four new proposals: Dogato Wood, Dogato Color, Pietra and Coast.

Lavabo da appoggio Tondo, Cerasa
Lavabo tondo da appoggio Cerasa, Stay
Lavabo nero opaco da appoggio, Cerasa Basic
Lavabo da appoggio Cerasa, Speen 3



The great flexibility of this unit is due also to the wide choice of available basins, matching with the unit widths. We propose Single with Unica integral basin, in matt white Solid Surface coordinated, on request, with its handy tray. This configuration creates an elegant and linear solution.


To give a more eclectic character and a lively effect to the composition, several Cerasa-design standing basins are available. Soft shapes of Tondo, Icon or Stay basins enrich the whole, which can take a stronger character with the more marked lines of Diamante or Kao basins. In addition to this, a match with a matt black basin (Basic or Prince 2) or with a bicolored one (like Speen) can create that unique and original effect that Cerasa compositions always propose. All our basins can be viewed in the new dedicated section of Cerasa web site. 

Specchi da bagno illuminati Inserto
Specchio da bagno illuminato Tondo 2
Specchi da bagno illuminati Quadra



Single washbasin unit can be matched to one of Cerasa several mirrors, which are characterised by an original design and able to furnish both large spaces and small ones or to solve further storage or support needs. For all-coordinated lovers, we propose the Inserto mirror, LED lighted and customisable with panels in the same finish of the washbasin unit. A total look that leaves nothing to chance.

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