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Flower Power Cerasa

Spring in the bathroom

Geoflo Skinglass, carte da parati uniche e innovative

It’s that magic moment of the year: spring strongly comes back in parks and gardens. Considering the really strange moment which we are going through, Spring represents also symbolically our desire to return to live. Flowers are its more colourful expression. 


However, can a bathroom also bloom? After years of soft or strong shades in bathroom design, from white to beige coverings, from anthracite to black of furniture and basins, the colour, in terms of design, is coming back with interesting solutions: new materials and graphic proposals, with floral and nature reminders or fashion and art world designs. Therefore, also the bathroom is a place where to develop and create visions, inspirations and emotions.

Magnol, carta da parati vinilica, arredo innovativo
Peacock Skinglass, carte da parati uniche e innovative
Flower, skinglass il nuovo concetto di carta da parati
Undergrowth Skinglass, varianti grafiche per le carte da parati

Nature and floral bathroom coverings

Skinglass is Cerasa designed bathroom coverings collection realised in fiberglass, vinyl wallpaper and fabric. A collection able to envelop every bathroom surface: from floor to shower, from basins to unit fronts, but also fabrics for accessories. For those whose desire is to put more flowers in their own bathroom, there is a wide choice among 46 graphic variants: a new dress for surfaces, a safe, sanitisable resistant second skin for design and furniture.

Skinglass, il nuovo concetto di carta da parati
Water lily Skinglass, varianti grafiche per le carte da parati
Coral, carta da parati vinilica, arredo innovativo

Blossom’s flowers, for example, seem to bloom while we observe them as they are so powerful in their beauty; those of Geoflo have psychedelic references and give a whole great depth feeling. Softer and more delicate are the Magnol flowers, with a contrasting game pastel palette; a warm and classical taste for the flowers surrounding the peacocks of Peacock. Outlined but strong the water lilies of Waterlily, soft and refined the protagonists of Flower. The call of nature is deeply represented in Coral and in strong shades of Undergrowth. To discover them all together, please visit the dedicated section in our website or browse our new Capsule N.1 catalogue, with many installation ideas. Each one of these graphics is able to completely transform the bathroom atmosphere, catching the eye and awakening personal and sensorial experiences. Colours and shades, as well as shapes, will be able to involve us emotionally, in a palette of sensations. 


And what about bringing always some flowers with us? It’s enough to follow our social profiles: we are creating phone screensavers of some of our graphics.


Flower power is everywhere. 

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