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The basin

sculpture effect and colour in the bathroom

All bathroom furnishings rotate around the basin. To choose it, it is necessary to consider carefully the available measures, the needs of use, the shapes and the materials that best adapt to style and uses, but also the design and the colours.


Cerasa solutions for your bathroom basin are various: basins with sinuous or geometric shapes, with generous or contained sizes or integrated, standing, hanging, integral or freestanding basins and also custom basins.


Each one of these choices describes personality and practical sense. This in-depth analysis wants to concentrate on those basins identified like absolute protagonists of bathroom design.



The hanging basin is fixed on the wall. It is a linear and light design essential solution that gives a modern look to the bathroom. Cerasa proposes Monolite basin in two heights, 16 or 34 cm, available in matt Bianco, Nero or Grigio Deimos. This proposal leaves a lot of free space under the basin, where it is possible to place one of the several accessories and customisation, even if you are a minimal look lover. On request, is it possible to match a handy tablet, in the same material for an extra support surface, or to complete the basin with a hanging open metal element, in Nickel finish. 


A highly effective variant is the proposal with Cus basin, a hanged or standing integral basin, available in matt Bianco Tecnoril with concealed free flow. Pureness and rigour blend together in this design object that furnish in the lightness of its shape, while not neglecting practicality thanks to Nickel finish angular towel holder, available on request.

Lavabo sospeso, cassettone con apertura push pull
Lavabo sospeso da parete freestanding Monolite Alto
Lavabo monolite in Deimos con tavoletta abbinabile da usare come elemento di appoggio
Lavabo sospeso da parete freestanding Cus Cerasa
Lavabo Cus con scarico a scomparsa continuo e portasciugamani laterale



The minimalist proposal of Colonna, Totem and Smart freestanding basins, will be able to make your bathroom unique, creating a sculpture effect. Realised in matt Bianco Solid Surface or Hard resin, they can be customised with external colorations, both in Cerasa colours range and in sample colours.


Totem and Colonna basins can be further customised thanks to innovative fiberglass coverings of the Skinglass collection: geometric or floral pattern, sober or exuberant ones, which will be able to give a very personal touch to the whole. Smart basin can be enriched with a handy wooden tray, for a further support surface, available in wooden colour or lacquered matt Nero with open pore effect.


Colonna and Totem basins can be placed in the centre of the room or against the wall, accessorised with lateral containing shelves or even matched with base units and tops in small depth, to create original compositions. Precisely the colour and Skinglass patterns, 46 to choose from, will be able to give that extra touch, positive for your well-being, too. Let’s see how…

Lavabo freestanding Colonna
Lavabo Colonna e Totem sono posizionabili a centro stanza o a parete
Lavabo con doppio cassetto push pull



Color harmony (armocromia is the word created for this approach, which unites the words Harmony and Chroma, color in Greek)


Cerasa realises basins with an original design, which differ in shapes, materials and even colour. Exactly the choice and combination of colours reflect on our wellness. Compared to chromotherapy, which recognizes the influence of colour on mood, the colour harmony defines a series of colours (a palette) that belongs to people, allowing them to appear at their best in case of clothing and accessories, but can also be applied on furniture. The bathroom is the place of the preparation for a new day or for rest, and it is well suitable for surrounding us with the colours that most reflect us.


For example, a good strategy to realise this palette is to individuate a predominant colour and surround it with nuances able to enhance it. Cerasa makes it possible through a truly infinite range of colours: from the RAL range to Cerasa 28 new exclusive nuances and 8 special colours (including the very elegant Metallizzato Champagne or the original Metallico Rame). Choosing the colours to surround yourself with will be easier to favour that continuity of sensations and further enhance the image of ourselves.

Lavabo a colonna tinta unita pastello
Lavabo a colonna verde variegato di Greenglass
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