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Bathroom or laundry?

integrated spaces dedicated to order and functionality

Bathroom no longer just a bathroom: even when we have to manage a small space, it is possible to organise it in a functional and aesthetically elegant way, especially if the need is to include a space dedicated to the laundry, too. Guaranteeing design and quality with its furnishing proposals, Cerasa creates bathrooms where the laundry function and related appliances are present but elegantly integrated.



The versatility of Segno and CartaBianca, collections that are characterised by clean lines, infinite modularity and multiple finishes, allows you to create unique bathrooms. Segno offers closed or open wall units, full-height units and wall panels that are completed with accessories and complements, in a skilful mix of furnishings. The base unit, which conceals the washing machine, creates continuity with the washbasin unit that is next to the base unit, available in several sizes and equipped with a practical removable and washable fabric bag. The shelves, useful support surfaces for accessories or laundry products, have coordinated finishes or can offer contrasting ideas, thanks to the very wide choice of colours and materials.


↓ Example of Segno collection

Cerasa Collezione Segno base lavabo
Cerasa Collezione Segno porta biancheria

For long and narrow spaces, CartaBianca offers the ideal solution: the suspended and inclined washbasin unit, with drawer, is flanked by the floor standing base unit with doors, which perfectly contains the washing machine. The Grigio Fumo laminate finish, together with the Cosmopolitan one, creates an extremely elegant effect with the glossy Bianco Ocritec top with integrated basin. Games of solids and voids, which give rhythm to the composition by lightening it further, are given by open compartments of the wall unit and the base unit that connects the suspended washbasin unit and the floor standing base unit for washing machine. All the available modules guarantee a careful design that makes the most of the space according to the available dimensions.


↓ Example of CartaBianca collection

Cerasa Collezione CartaBianca lavanderia
Cerasa Collezione CartaBianca lavanderia



Even in the traditional design proposals or in the neoclassical suggestions of Paestum and York there is no lack of imagination and modularity. The magnificence of the details and the preciousness of the materials are accomplices of an impeccable organisation, not only in the base units dedicated to appliances, but also in the full-height units, sideboards and display cabinets that welcome clean linen or in the doors that camouflage the laundry basket.


↓ Example of Paestum collection

Idee per arredare la lavanderia e il bagno
Cerasa Collezione Paestum design tradizionale o con le suggestioni neoclassiche di Paestum

↓ Example of York collection

Cerasa Collezione York base lavabo
Cerasa Collezione York base lavanderia



On the other hand, when the space is more generous, Regola comes into play: the collection dedicated to laundry that leaves nothing to chance and is available with flexible and highly modular elements. The order is sovereign thanks to storage spaces: from large drawers to full-height units equipped for large appliances or according to use, even as clothes hangers. The solutions are manageable to the centimetre, space-saving and multifunctional, and thus allow to make the most of the spaces, even in the passageways, thanks to the inclined base units or the elements with retractable pocket doors, such as the full-height units and the base units for washing machine and dryer. Furniture and tops are available in coloured laminate or in the warm essences, but also in material finishes of great modernity and impact.

Cerasa Regola lavanderia
Arredamento salvaspazio per la lavanderia, lavabo sospeso e mobile lavatrice
Arredamento salvaspazio per la lavanderia, mobile lavatrice e asciugatrice

There is no shortage of accessories and essential details: the washboard coordinated with the wash tub, when placed on the bottom, gives back a normal basin, while enhancing its functionality when used; dividers and containers help keep order in closed spaces; even the mirror is an ally of practicality, thanks to the integrated hanger for small laundry.

Cerasa Collezione Regola lavatoio salvaspazio, idee per arredare la lavanderia e il bagno
Cerasa Collezione Regola salvaspazio
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