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All the latest Cerasa bathroom furnishings

Furnishings, furniture accessories, materials and accessories for a functional and designer bathroom

Cerasa’s experience in creating unique, elegant and functional bathroom furnishing collections is showcased, above all, in the company’s ability to seamlessly blend the different creations, by customising and enhancing the spaces and the materials to fit into all settings. This has resulted in Capsule N.2 which combines all the latest products linked to four key collections for Cerasa: Single, CartaBianca, Segno and NeroLab. The new lighting systems, bathroom ware, mirrors and washbasins complete the collections, as do the latest accessories, furniture accessories and storage systems. But there’s more: we are also introducing new materials in this catalogue: marble, coloured resins and wood for plays on colour with a highly visual impact. It is a particularly innovative solution that will solve the demands of the most challenging bathrooms and adjoining rooms.

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Among the new materials, featured the spotlight is on HPL, the high-pressure, high-performance laminate used to create surfaces with countertop or integrated washbasins, plus furniture. HPL is renowned for being strong, practical and durable. It consists of panels made of layers of wood fibre soaked in thermoset resin that have been compressed under high pressure at a high temperature.

The final result is a non-porous and consequently, ultra-hygienic material that is easy to clean, but above all, one that can be customised with the desired finish and is even capable of producing a natural stone effect. It is ultra-resistant to knocks and scratches as well as fluctuations in temperature and light, so it maintains its original characteristics over time. When used for surfaces with countertop or integrated washbasins, it creates an eye-catching sculptural effect. It is also comes in the Giò countertop version which can be customised in one of the twelve finishes available. Highly customisable thanks to the coloured marmoresina finish for washbasins integrated into the countertop, so it can be produced in a virtually infinite series of RAL colours.


Marble is an all-time classic material. It never goes out of fashion and is ideally suited to made in Cerasa reinterpretations which give it an extremely on-trend look. Marble is strong and elegant and comes in very generous sizes that can be totally adapted to the setting. There are four new finishes, on warm and cool shades and one-of-a-kind veining. Perfect for countertops and shelves with washbasin, created to produce a sculptural effect, even on upstands for signature textures.

Novità arredobagno Cerasa

New finishes for bathroom units as well. If you love wood because of the feeling of warmth that it adds to the room, you can opt for Rovere Termocotto which is added to Rovere Chiaro and Noce Canaletto, also available in the three-dimensional version which gives the front panels a dynamic look, in line with current market trends. This texture can also be produced with the matt lacquer finishes in any colour, including sample colours, for a truly one-of-a-kind customisation of your bathroom.




The washbasin has always been the key feature in the bathroom. Cerasa offers a wide range that fits into any setting: from classic to contemporary, glamorous to minimal, plus free-standing and sculptural versions. The washbasin makes a statement in any version. White, often chosen because of its timeless design, with perhaps a dash of bold colour added by the accessories, can still come in original shapes and a signature look. With Capsule N.2, Cerasa introduces Seven featuring a unique, unmistakable outline. Seven is a highly visual washbasin showcased in the details. It has a space-saving design with a play on open and closed spaces created by accentuated angles, but without foregoing storage space provided on the sides. A towel rail can be added on the front on request to complete the look.


The countertop washbasin is confirmed as the ideal solution for customers who want a tailor-made look, and the wide range on offer allows you to select the one which best fulfils your requirements in terms of space and comfort. With Capsule N.2, Cerasa introduces new products: Giò, made from HPL and available in 12 finishes is joined by Pool 70 and Giro 42 in Solid Surface and ceramic with a Travertino opaco finish respectively.




Furnishing trends are seeing a revival of shaped mirrors with rectangular and round shapes in extra-large formats or enhanced with functional add-on accessories. The integrated lighting illuminates both your face and the room, so is highly functional, but the possibility of adding niches and storage spaces should also be taken into account when choosing a bathroom mirror. Cerasa presents its latest mirror, Ovale, available in three variations, a simple version, an extra-large version with integrated lighting and a version featuring a side module with open storage compartments. The combination of the three modules also create a play on angles which maximises space and reflections.

Moon features a concave frame and lighting on the perimeter, thus adding a touch of elegance with its all-round lighting effect. Victor, one of the new products in Capsule N.2, has a squared contour and is available in a variety of sizes. It can be customised by adding the Victoria light in the horizontal or vertical version which deflects and directs the light. If you prefer ceiling lights, Vertical is the new light which adds a touch of drama to any room in which it is installed, whether used on its own or assembled in groups.



There are still more new products: the broad reach of the collections and furniture accessories is created by the combinations of materials and furnishings which complete the overall look, flowing seamless from one room to another. From the bathroom to the bathroom entrance area, from the bedrooms to the living room, without foregoing the elegance of the design and functionality of storage space.


The new Stone coffee tables and Jane pouf feature a sturdy metal structure but with a slimline look. Silvie is the revamped clothes stand which fits into a variety of interior decor settings thanks to its customisable functions. Jolly is an eclectic trolley: a drawer unit on wheels which rethinks the space and the most interesting concept of storage furniture accessory units. The Hide wall-mounted drawer unit is designed with the same concept in mind. It is ideal for the cloakroom or bathroom entrance area with a handy transparent top and internal organisational compartments, with added accessories and partitions.

The grand finale in this overview of new products showcasing practicality and customisation: Bridge, the furnishing system in which the concepts of the bookcase and panelling are merged.  A flexible and ultra-practical concept in which the central module, either 50 or 85 cm wide, can house a washbasin unit and is connected, by acting as a go-between, to the side modules via nickel-plated profiles and uprights. Bridge is completed with shelves, open modules or different types of drawers. It is available in two heights with optional lighting of the uprights with LED lights.

Capsule 2 Cerasa
Capsule 2 Cerasa Bridge

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