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A new take on creativity

Interview with the architetct Michele Marcon

We meet the architect, Michele Marcon, who conceived and designed the brand-new HONEY collection along with Cerasa, which was launched at the Salone del Mobile. He was born in 1970 and embarked upon a path entirely devoted to design, collaborating for over 20 years with the Lino Codato studio, acquiring an all-round expertise in all areas of furniture and interior architecture. He has worked as a freelancer since 2008 and now partners with major companies to design highly successful innovative and well-balanced products lines.

What is your approach to the creative world?

Creativity runs deep and should always be approached with new methods and from different perspectives. You need to develop your own style first and foremost. Sometimes inspiration comes from the abstract and imagination: scents, colours, nature itself. At other times, however, it is architecture that becomes the source of infinite reinterpretations and innovations. Personally, I draw great inspiration and confidence from my knowledge of materials which form the basis for the development of creativity. This is the only way to create solutions with a strong functional and aesthetic value.

Tell us about this new collection: Honey

We wanted to create an elegant and versatile furnishing system with Honey. We conceived a bathroom featuring fine materials by interpreting an iconic visual look. Light plays a fundamental role in showcasing the materials as well as being a key element in the project. It works its way into details and is reflected in front panels and mirrors. It was a challenge to design it, but we did an exceptional job together. In addition, every detail and feature have an intrinsic uniqueness, the result of the work and emotions incorporated into the design. We wanted to showcase the features of the room in which these furnishings are placed. This collection also highlights the focus that Cerasa has placed on trends and markets. All the knowledge and experience we have poured into this project showcases the internationally-acclaimed Made in Italy brand. We are building an increasingly international path together.


Why did you choose the name?

Honey is becoming an increasingly precious asset given its relationship with nature and sustainability. Even in symbolism, it embodies spiritual values and prosperity. So, this collection embodies the perfect blend of materials and design elements, as well as nature and wonder. I wanted it to have a name that showcased its majesty, in which details are revealed in the dialogue between rooms, shapes and unique finishes.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is based precisely on that knowledge of materials and markets that I mentioned before. It has the twofold value of environmental and production sustainability. Furniture produced, not only with high-quality, natural materials, respecting the consumer environment but also with skilled craftsmanship, is destined to last over time because it will not deteriorate. Then, of course, you also need a strong focus on production sustainability.

What forms the basis of a good project?

You need to know the market, customer and your competitors well. You need to know the materials, but above all the production process. Traceability and sustainability are essential. They go hand in hand with our creativity. But you also need a strong identity. Cerasa has all these. Knowing how to use our experience to the benefit of creativity and the market, letting ourselves also be contaminated by our past and by new ideas, etc. creates a very powerful combination. Creating novel combinations. Visual appeal is just as important as knowing our customers. You cannot invent new formats and new collections without knowing what your customers want. And by this, I also mean knowing the customs and traditions of the people and countries with which we interact. We can also do this thanks to the long-standing relationship that Cerasa has with international markets.


How important is the artist within you in this profession?

We could talk about the artist’s ego (laughs). Ego must be guided by passion. This is the only way we can approach creativity and breathe life into projects that will be loved. The ego of the creative individual is fundamental for thinking big, but it needs to be carefully balanced with an understanding of the emotions we want to convey. If we succeed in arousing emotions, we will be able to contribute towards making the world better which is what we all aspire to in the end. Starting also with small objects and the well-being that we know how to create inside a home.

How will the world of bathrooms change?

I believe that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, along with the kitchen. It embodies a place for intimacy and relaxation and will be increasingly under the spotlight. I also think that there will be combinations with hitherto unexpressed functions, with colour and the desire to surround ourselves with objects that arouse emotions. New combinations of materials balanced with the way the furniture is used.

Article published in Cerasa Bathroom Stories magazine
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