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Choose a washbasin paying attention to the materials

Choosing a washbasin is not just a question of design, style and size but also the materials from which it is made. The flexibility of the shapes available and guarantee of hygiene and durability, as well as the maintenance and cleaning required, all have a direct influence over the choice of the washbasin material.


Even washbasins, probably the oldest and most frequently used element in the bathroom, are getting a makeover. From the use of porcelain stoneware to stone for versions integrated in the countertop and glass with its unique light effects and transparency, as well as ultra-functional and innovative composites, thanks to the simultaneous advances in technology and design. Plus the focus, as always, on hygiene.


Whatever the material you choose, the washbasin remains the stand-out feature in the bathroom. Every Cerasa washbasin is the result of research, innovation and inspiration combining latest-generation materials with elegant and unique lines, available in versions resting on the countertop, mounted on the wall or integrated into the countertop or ultra-thick shelf.

a washbasin classic


Ceramic is undoubtedly the most well-known, hard-wearing and used material of all time for washbasins because it is, among other things, very strong, durable and versatile.


Fonte, in the round Fonte 40 or oval Fonte 60 version, is a very popular, refined, simple white ceramic washbasin that rests on the countertop. It fits seamlessly into any setting and lifts it by creating an eye-catching contrast with the choice of either a coloured or textured countertop, even in compact spaces. If you prefer a deeper basin, the round version, Giro 42, is also available in white ceramic or a matt Travertino finish, for a bold statement feature.

Fonte 40
Fonte 60
Giro 42

Global, an ultra-thin white ceramic console with integrated washbasin in a central or side position, as well as a double basin, guarantees maximum functionality and practicality in everyday life thanks to the flexibility of ceramic and innovative technology.

Global double basin | Global single basin

an infinite range of customisations


Resins, often also called Solid Surfaces, are acrylic or compound materials known for their strength and great flexibility during processing, both in terms of texture and the wide range of colours and effects that can be created. There is a vast range of options available for creating washbasins.


Marmoresina in particular, also provides the option of creating attractive colour contrasts or picking up colours. With this material, it is possible to create washbasins or countertops and shelves with integrated basins in matt white, glossy white or any matt Ral colour. The countertop washbasin, Speen is an excellent example of the versatility of this material, available in a variety of sizes, featuring an internal matt white finish with the option of picking up the colours of the furnishing and accessories on the exterior.

Speen 3 lacquered
Speen 3 lacquered | Speen 3
Coloured Hard resin Top

The two freestanding washbasins, Colonna and Totem, with a round or square base, made of Solid Surface, can be mounted on the wall or placed in the centre of the room to create an eye-catching sculptural effect. The possibility of choosing the external colour increases the selection of customisations on offer and also includes Cerasa’s original Skinglass option in waterproof, durable fibreglass, available, above all, in 44 variations ranging from geometric shapes to patterns and the world of nature. All the functionality of the washbasin and freedom of customisation in one furnishing item.

Colonna with Skinglass coating

The Smart washbasin from the Free collection is also a stand-out element. It showcases a signature curved shape and tapered ash wood legs with copper or black metal tips, and is available in finishes in matt colours or metallic shades. Free is produced in two pieces and can be fitted with a practical solid wood, finely crafted tray.

Smart lacquered
Smart | Smart lacquered countertop

Tecnoril and Ocritec, which are also part of the resin family, are both highly resistant, easy to clean. Minor scratches can also be eliminated with an abrasive sponge to restore them to their original splendour. They can be used to create washbasins integrated into a thick shelf that doubles as a countertop (with precise measurements), or as a console or countertop with an upstand.


Keilos has a round basin set in an oval structure, and can be integrated into the countertop or installed as a recessed washbasin on countertops made of different materials. For fans of iconic design, the two countertop washbasins: Kama, with its rectangular shape and rounded corners, and Kao, with its original combination of curves and edges, showcase shapes in what is still a highly practical washbasin. Taki, on the other hand, is washbasin shaped like a ladle. The wide base extends upwards to accommodate the mixer tap and a handy shelf resting on the body of the washbasin. A unique piece with a signature look.

Top in Tecnoril | Kao
Top and upstand in Ocritec | Lingotto

seductive transparency



The glass, which Cerasa offers in ultra-clear or frosted variations, is treated with environmentally friendly and, therefore, recyclable paints. In addition, the surface has been specially treated, so it is easier to clean and maintain its lustre. The glass is tempered to ensure greater strength against knocks and temperature changes. The range of colours on offer and simple but striking shapes give the washbasin a bold personality.


H2O, for example, is a countertop basin in bronzed or grey smoked glass with a matching coated base unit. The transparency of the glass washbasin lifts the unit, offering great flexibility for combinations, without sacrificing the signature look created by the colour and choice of such an eye-catching material.

Top in frosted glass | Top in extra light glass

a natural and bold look



HPL laminate is used to create countertops on which to rest or integrate the basin. It offers excellent strength and durability. It is a non-porous, unalterable, hygienic and easy-to-clean material, but above all can be customised with the numerous finishes available.  The 12 finishes offered by Cerasa for this material enhance the textured effect of the shelves with integrated or countertop basins.


GIÓ is a rectangular countertop basin, available with or without the mixer tap shelf. The finishes in Graniglia, Pietra and Carnico, in different shades, faithfully reproduce the textured effect of natural stone. Alternatively, a wood effect is reproduced perfectly by the Slavonia Oak finish. Giò can also be produced in a series of beige and grey shades, as well as bold colours like Ocean and Black.

Giò 2
Giò 1




And lastly, the timeless elegance of marble and stone, which enhance any layout with naturally unique variations of colour and veining. In addition to guaranteeing excellent resistance and fuss-free maintenance, a marble washbasin enhances the overall look, whether it is integrated into the countertop with the same finish or rests on a contrasting countertop.


Pool70 is possibly the best example of a washbasin to showcase this material. In the latest models by Cerasa, it has been enhanced with a series of new polished versions ranging from the understated and original Pietra Medea finish in shades of grey, and the soft variations of Invisible Grey or Port Laurent.

Pool 70M
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