The compositions proposed by the Moon bathroom furniture collection revolve around a very particular washbasin unit: an unprecedented and original solution due to its peculiar curvature that is also continued in the elements that surround it and complete the bathroom. It can be combined with square basins or with softer and sinuous profiles, mirrors, open shelves, columns and wall units from the same furniture collection: Moon successfully fits into a wide variety of contexts, very refined or playful, precisely because of the vast chromatic range of finishes, even very particular ones. The contrasts that are created, from colours to shapes, give a strong personality to the bathroom. Moon furnishes with creativity and design. 

Inspiration 1

Design Moon, una base lavabo unica e inimitabile per questa composizione cromata
Lavabo Diamante dalle forme squadrate in Marmoresina Bianco lucido con scarico nascosto

A unique and inimitable washbasin unit for this chromed composition. Square shaped Diamante basin in glossy Bianco Hard resin with hidden drain. The innovative base unit is available in any matt or glossy sample colour. Round mirror with wide LED perimeter lighting.

Inspiration 2

Design Moon Cerasa, base lavabo curva e cromata
Design Moon, colonne salvaspazio, a profondità ridotta, dotate di comodi ripiani.
Lo specchio sopra il lavabo e quello accostato alla colonna contenitiva seguono le linee sinuose del mobile.

Curved and chromed washbasin unit, with convenient storage drawer in glossy Bianco finish and backlit handle. A handy chromed rod equipped with magnifying mirror and cup holder is fixed to the base unit. Eclisse basin with soft shapes in glossy Bianco Hard resin. The mirror above the washbasin and the one next to the storage column follow the sinuous lines of the unit. A play of reflections given by the chrome plating, the mirrors and the glossy white. Space-saving columns, with reduced depth, equipped with convenient shelves.

Inspiration 3

Design Moon Cerasa, full color per la composizione con doppia base lavabo curva
Design Moon, comodo cassettone con maniglia retroilluminata
Colonne a giorno sospese riprendono le curve di Moon

Full colour for the composition with double curved washbasin unit with convenient drawer with backlit handle. In combination, the storage units with door frame the shaped mirror in a play of references to the lines of the circle. The hanging open columns also reflect the curves of Moon. The square shaped Diamante basin creates a pleasant geometric and chromatic contrast.

Inspiration 4

Abbinamenti con la base lavabo Moon, Cerasa arredo bagno
Forme morbide del lavabo Eclissi e quelle più squadrate del lavabo Diamante. Collezione Moon

The combination possibilities that the Moon washbasin unit, with its sinuous shape, allows are endless. From the brightest colours to the black and white contrasts, from the soft shapes of the Eclisse basin to the more square ones of the Diamante basin. This iconic piece of furniture is a piece of furniture that skilfully amazes and interprets multiple personalities in each version. Flexible for storage thanks to the two open versions or with drawer.

Inspiration 5

Moon, arredo bagno eclettico, romantico e originale, sviluppo concentrico del mobile lavabo
Arredamento esclusivo e di design, particolare Moon, base lavabo curva in finitura Oro

Curved washbasin unit in Oro finish, in the open version, with Diamante washbasin in matt Nero Hard resin finish that creates a very elegant contrast in this bathroom. The innovative golden finish, also taken from the mixer and the drain, is also further enhanced by the Nero colour of the shelves and the basin, all combined with the two-tone coupled mirror.


Matt RAL K7
Glossy RAL K7
Glossy Bianco

Hard resin
Matt Bianco
Glossy Bianco
Matt Nero

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