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Stylistic customisation emerges as a key component of the DES Evolution collection. As the original design evolved, the aim was to present “ideal” combinations that are associated with four distinct archetypes. These archetypes, resulting from a synthesis of human character and the broad spectrum of behaviour, have been artfully coupled with behaviour, attitudes and tastes, transforming the bathroom into an authentic expression of personality. The Natural mood is distinguished by light, ethereal tones, addressing those who seek a spiritual dimension and a retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle. By way of contrast, the Deep Green mood embraces dark, sophisticated finishes, addressing a more refined and elegant, detail-oriented spirit. Likewise, the Caramel and Sandstone moods, with their Canaletto Walnut and Eucalyptus nuances, evoke a warm and cosy atmosphere, and provide a visionary portrait of simplicity and refinement. 


Protagonist of this composition is Pila freestanding basin coated of Resina Paint, Canyon colour, W. 85 cm D. 51 cm H. 84 cm. Next to the basin, the freestanding mirror completes the composition, enriching it with personality: its base and frame are in Eucalipto veneered wood, W. 70 cm H. 204 cm.


Matt Ral 1013 lacquered composition made of two base units with drawer, W. 105 cm D. 51 cm H. 32 cm with lacquered framed fronts and inserts in Calacatta Oro Laminam®, and a central open base unit with dividers. Base units are finished with a lacquered top, in the same colour, placed on a spacer element in Champagne finish. The top in high thickness with two integrated basins is in Calacatta Oro Laminam®. Octo mirrors, W. 95 cm H. 85 cm with LED perimeter lighting, and Stick lamps, in Champagne finish, complete the composition.


Matt Ral 6012 lacquered composition made of a base unit with left curved thick door W. 35 cm H. 48 cm, a base unit with thickened front drawer W. 50 cm and a washbasin unit, W. 105 cm, with framed drawer front with insert in 3D Resina Stone Deckblend® Verde Alpi. Same finishing for top and Zefiro basin coating. The composition is completed by the round LED-lit mirror.


Composition is in Rovere Chiaro veneered wood and made of a washbasin unit W. 120 cm D. 51 cm H. 48 cm with drawer, door, and niche. Fronts are characterised by a wooden frame with wallpaper insert, in the new Opaque Garden graphic decoration. Top and Anna basin are in matt Bianco Hard resin. Octo mirror with LED perimeter lighting completes the composition.

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