The HONEY collection is a premium, versatile furniture system – the finest materials clothe and portray an iconic aesthetic for the bathroom, illuminated by the warmth of a light that is incorporated in the details and echoes between façades and mirrors. The 3D effect is one of the distinctive elements in the collection, both as a front variant and when inserted in the novel metal frame whose light, placed beneath the door grip, further emphasises the three-dimensional texture, thus establishing the uniqueness of the design and creating a magical atmosphere in the environment. Each detail possesses its own intrinsic uniqueness, the result of research and emotion translated into design, which exalts the character of the environment in which it is placed. Honey embodies the optimum fusion of materials and design features, creating a majestic concept whose details are revealed in the dialogue between unique environments, shapes and finishes


The wall-mounted washbasin base unit in 3D-effect Rovere Termocotto provides ample storage space with its drawer and central open compartment, which alleviates the visual impact. The structure of the base unit is embellished using Nichel finish metal ends, which likewise characterise the column. Pool 70M countertop washbasin hollowed out of stone and coordinated with the polished Frappuccino marble top, contoured to the structure of the base unit. The round Elegance mirror features integrated LED lighting on the vertical profiles and is decorated with lateral inserts made of Rovere slats. Fozzie mixer and Line wall-mounted towel rail.


Floor-standing washbasin base unit whose façades comprise a combination of a Laminam Statuarietto drawer on an illuminated frame at the upper cornice and a frameless, matt lacquered Ghiaccio bottom drawer with 3D effect. Lingotto washbasin that echoes the angles of the cabinet corners, as well as those of the Relax bathtub. Comma wall-mounted mixer and hangers echo the metal finish of the frame and edges of the unit. Grand round Elegance mirror with Rovere Termocotto inserts and integrated LED lighting. The column façades alternate between a Laminam and 3D finish, while the Frame towel warmer is crafted entirely from Laminam.


Wall-mounted, matt lacquered Verde Acqua 3D-effect washbasin base unit finished using a Solysand washbasin top, with ingot work, whose edges follow the faceted contouring of the metal profiles of the unit. Handles, lateral towel rail and mixer with matching Nichel finish. The grand rectangular mirror features a 3D lacquered insert on which two worked glass Ball wall sconces are mounted. The same finish is used for the wall-mounted columns. Relax free-standing bathtub.


Ideal composition for small spaces, with a floor-standing storage base with two drawers and a central open compartment, also fitted with a practical lateral towel rail. The knurling of the knob is also echoed as a detail on the Fozzie mixer. Top with integrated washbasin in Solysand. The distinctive cylindrical shape of the bathtub can be created with a matching, readily serviceable bottom or in Laminam/Gres. Octo 2 contoured mirror and Vertical ceiling lamp in brushed brass.


Twin floor-standing washbasin base unit with Sun glass finish and metal frame illuminated by LED light positioned beneath the grip on the front door. The metal ends extend all the way to the ground. The Lingotto washbasins are placed on the Sun glass tops. Octo 2 contoured mirrors with perimeter lighting and Vertical ceiling lights in brushed brass. Skinglass Water Lily fibreglass wall and ceiling cladding.


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