Cerasa employs a technical team that follows and develops the various phases of furniture projects. In addition, it makes use of the precious collaboration of prestigious designers with whom it creates unique collections and original furnishing paths. Collaborations that are a synthesis of artistic momentum and deep knowledge of products, materials and experience. Creative and language synergies: the world of furniture and the bathroom through the eyes of designers. 

De Carlo

He was born in Venice where he graduated as a Master Goldsmith at the School of Art and subsequently graduated in Design at the Milan Polytechnic, with a research thesis in biomedical design developed in collaboration with the Bioengineering Centre of the Don Gnocchi Foundation in Milan, a project that won him a scholarship. In 1999 he was called to Paris to the studio of Philippe Starck and remained here until 2003. During this period he followed a number of international projects and clients operating in a wide variety of sectors: from furniture to lighting, from electronics to telecommunications. Back in Italy, he opened his own agency in Venice, consolidating relations with companies he had learnt of during the French period. In addition to designing objects and communication, the agency specialises in Product Strategy: the branch of design that evaluates and directs the creation of artefacts in order to make them consistent with the values​and skills of the company, in order to strengthen and develop the brand as a whole. He currently lives and works between Milan and Venice.

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Born in 1970, he attended a specialisation in graphic arts, and then graduated first as a master of art and then as a graphic designer at the M. Fanoli art school in Cittadella PD. He attends specialisation courses in Industrial and Interior Design, simultaneously working with showrooms in the sector. He has collaborated for over 20 years with the Lino Codato designer studio, which opened up a 360° knowledge to him in all sectors of furniture and interior architecture, thus strengthening his cultural background. Since 2008, he has been freelancing, continuing to propose innovative and harmonious design ideas that interpret and satisfy the needs of the client and the buyer.

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He graduated from the Art School of Udine, after having worked for 3 years in one of the most important advertising agencies. At 22 Stefano Spessotto began the activity of Product Designer, successfully starting the collaboration with Cerasa. In 1990 with the Flut model, he reinterpreted the bathroom, starting a new era for the bathroom furniture sector. In 1991 he opened the Dedalo studio, establishing relationships with sports footwear and clothing companies, and then specialising in furniture thanks to partnerships with various companies. Today he deals with art direction, producing and coordinating ideas in the field of Industrial, Graphic and Interior Design. As the artistic director of some of the most important companies in the furniture sector, he conceives products rich in meaning, with a story to tell, thus attributing the added value that each product should have and in which the consumer can recognise themselves. Currently, the design activity is oriented towards the search for solutions with an exclusive design conceived for smaller living spaces.

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Lorella Agnoletto was born in Pordenone. She graduated in Industrial Design from the IUAV in Venice. Since 1998 she has been involved in Interior Design in the most diverse fields of industry and crafts: shops, public places and private interiors. These are the projects in which she develops her sensitivity for spaces, architecture, furnishings and materials. She also follows the design of showrooms and exhibition stands. She collaborates with communication and design studios, in particular with Stefano Spessotto, with whom she worked continuously until 2016, specialising in depth in product design and graphics. Since 2017 she has continued her activity as a designer and consultant for companies.

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He graduated in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, he began his professional career in 1995 and inaugurated the Marco Poletti Studio in 1997. He has collaborated and still collaborates with important brands in the fashion, consumer goods and furniture sectors. A palmarès of over 700 designed products, 50 interior and contract projects abroad, over 150 sets and more than 2500 publications. In 2020, on the 25th anniversary of activity, he was awarded by the Italian Embassy Nur Sultan and by the ADI for the Italian Design Daysdella with the position of Ambassador of Italian Design in Kazakhstan. In the same year he won the ICONIC Design Awards 2020 (Innovative Architecture), the SBID Awards 2020 - Society of British & International Product Design (Brassware category) and the European Product Design Awards - Honourable Mention with the EGO collection by Giulini G. Rubinetteria. The IIDEX Canada competition in 2015 and the Belarus Award in Belarus in 2014 with the LAGHI collection by La Torre. In 2002 he also received the prestigious award of the ADI INDEX DESIGN Compasso d'Oro with MOON by Bongio. Since 2010 he has been a member of the National Thematic Commission within the same ADI.