Durable, flexible and eco-friendly material

Ecomalta® is a material that can be used for the creation of washbasin tops even with an integrated basin. The system is composed of mono-component ecomortars with water, natural and recycled aggregates such as quartz, marble, glass. Ecomalta® is a material free from epoxy resins and hydraulic binders; it is a non-toxic and waterproof product, ideal for the bathroom. The material is made by hand and the surface finish is varied; the presence of white or black granules is due to the mixture of quartz present in the product.


Hot water and vinegar (25%) are recommended for cleaning. Do not use detergents with solvents and concentrated acids. We recommend not leaving staining substances in stock, which could damage the surface of the surface.

Ecomalta® by Oltremateria®
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