Fiber glass

The innovative material suitable for covering wet spaces or where walking is frequent

The EQ•dekor® Fiber glass variant is made of a special two-way fabric, consisting of fiber glass treated on the surface with an alkali resistant polyurethane-based substance. The result is a structurally advanced composite material, whose components are integrated, generating a material with superior physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics, with excellent aesthetic performance. Lightweight and easy to handle, the EQ•dekor® fiber glass material adapts with great flexibility to the shape of its substrate; for this reason it can be easily applied to walls and furniture. Particularly stable, resistant to traction, abrasion, weathering and ultraviolet rays, it is waterproof and unalterable. These characteristics make it suitable for all environments, especially humid, and can comfortably remain in contact with water, rather than being used as an alternative material for walking on. Made in Italy, by the collaboration between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei, it fully complies with the European regulations for health and environmental protection. It contains no formaldehyde and is completely odourless. It is washable with water and normal cleaning detergents.


Cortlines - A
Cortlines - B
Directions - A
Directions - B
Flying batterfly - A
Flying batterfly - B
Horizon - A
Horizon - B
Japanese herons - A
Japanese herons - B
Not so regular - A
Not so regular - B
Opaque garden - A
Opaque garden - B
Somlos - A
Somlos - B
Willowclay - A
Willowclay - B
Wisteria - A
Wisteria - B
Diamond - A
Diamond - B
Magnol - A
Magnol - B
Greenglass - A
Greenglass - B
Bayou - A
Bayou - B
Coral - A
Coral - B
Fluid - A
Fluid - B
Peacock - A
Peacock - B
Geoflo - A
Geoflo - B
Jellyfish - A
Jellyfish - B
Vertical - A
Vertical - B
Rainforest - A
Rainforest - B
Rust - A
Rust - B
Flower - A
Flower - B
Plans - A
Plans - B
Fold - A
Fold - B
Blossom - A
Blossom - B
Water Lily - A
Water Lily - B
Undergrowth - A
Undergrowth - B
Ruins - A
Ruins - B
Leaf - A
Leaf - B

DES and Classic Wallpaper

Not a simple wallpaper, but a fiber glass fabric that is extremely resistant and waterproof through a particular surface treatment, making it perfectly suited to the bathroom environment. A unique wall covering, offered in four variants for the Classic line and in four graphics for DES, created exclusively for Cerasa; decorations that become an actual piece of furniture, evocative and full of character. The fiber glass coating from the DES collection can be washed with water together with normal cleaning detergents.

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