Vinyl wallpaper

Numerous variations of wallpaper with superior and unique aesthetic performance

Skinglass in the vinyl wallpaper variant consists of two layers: a vinyl upper side, printable and on the back a sheet of TNT (non-woven fabric) that gives it high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases, as well as extreme ease of assembly and possible removal. This particular paper, superior in terms of performance, is UV resistant, flame retardant, odourless and absorbent and completely free from formaldehyde. Simple to clean, it is washable with neutral soap and water.


DES and Glam Wallpaper
The same quality and durability features also apply to the vinyl wallpaper of the DES collection, which offers four creative decorations exclusively for Cerasa, and for the Glam line in 4 graphic variants, designed to create contexts of refined and unique furnishings both in the bathroom and in the adjacent rooms.

Diamond - A
Diamond – B
Magnol - A
Magnol - B
Greenglass - A
Greenglass - B
Bayou - A
Bayou - B
Coral - A
Coral - B
Vesuvio - A
Vesuvio - B
Fluid - A
Fluid - B
Peacock - A
Peacock - B
Geoflo - A
Geoflo - B
Jellyfish - A
Jellyfish - B
Vertical - A
Vertical - B
Rainforest - A
Rainforest - B
Rust - A
Rust - B
Flower - A
Flower - B
Plans - A
Plans - B
Fold - A
Fold - B
Blossom - A
Blossom - B
Graphite - A
Graphite - B
Water Lily - A
Water Lily - B
Undergrowth - A
Undergrowth - B
Ruins - A
Ruins - B
Leaf - A
Leaf - B
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