Not just bathroom

Unique and elegant configurations embellished with materials are used in several places in the house thanks to the transversality of the furnishings, creating environments that interact with one other.

The transversal nature and multifaceted character of Cerasa furnishings means being able to choose from the various proposals from the collections, giving strong personality to the rooms throughout the house, not only the bathroom, but also the bedroom, living room and entrance area. 


Interpreting multiple tastes – from classic to minimal, from art deco to industrial – and needs, which often involve spaces lived in a solution of continuity, Cerasa builds furnishing paths made of patterns, styles and materials. These are solutions that can be identified in practically all the lines of the brand: sideboards, wall units, open compositions, columns, chests of drawers, tall units, tables and clothes hangers suitable for any environment and accessories that lend themselves to multiple situations of use. 

A constellation of aesthetically beautiful, customisable and qualitatively durable furnishings is offered in the proposals beyond the bathroom. Details and practical solutions that always successfully amaze and blur the confines of the house and its paths. Des is undoubtedly the most transversal collection, in which both the frame and the front of the units can be customised very eclectically according to styles, tastes and furnishing syntheses.


Elegant and unique configurations, embellished with precious materials that can be found in several places in the house, are also particularly present in the Classic collection: traditional design furniture with sophisticated profiles and lines. The composability and modularity of the projects result in being able to design furniture with a strong component dedicated to functionality as well as to aesthetics.