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1Are the photographed compositions available in other finishes?
All Cerasa compositions can be customised in the different finishes available for each model. In many collections, you can even choose, with no surcharge, a personalized colour for the glossy and matt lacquer and for the wooden finish versions with open pore or scratched effect. In our website see the technical data of each product to discover its finishes.
2Are the photographed compositions available in different sizes?
All Cerasa compositions are modular: this means that you can realize your own element in different measures and shapes, combining the modules that best meet your aesthetic and practical needs.
3Can I choose a different basin from the ones photographed on the composition in the catalogue?
Yes, you can, on the same unit you can have different types of basins, also made of different materials. Browse our catalogues and find all the available basins! We will surely meet all your needs
4Can I install a basin, which has not been supplied by Cerasa, on one of your units?
Yes, you can after having checked it with our technical office: it will be necessary to send us the technical data.
5Which is the height to position the drains, when I have a Cerasa unit?
Cerasa units are designed for a standard plumbing system, as the one indicated below:
- Hot water
- Cold water
- Drains

6How much does a Cerasa bathroom cost and how can I get a personalized offer?
Cerasa has a wide range of products with several modules and finishes. To these possibilities you can add the materials of tops and basins. We recommend to contact one of our dealers to get a real price corresponding to your needs.
7What is the delivery time for Cerasa products?
Cerasa products are delivered in approximately 30 days, depending/based on the model and on the composition chosen.
8Which materials are available for tops?
Tops can be made in many of the materials now available on the market. For any special request, we are at your disposal to find a solution to your needs.
9Which materials can be used for the integrated basins?
With Cerasa you can choose your basin, integrated in the top, in hard resin, Tecnoril®, glass, Ecomalta®, Ocritec or Deimos Stone.
10What is hard resin?
Hard resin is a synthetic product made up of a polyester resin matrix and a mineral charge of calcium carbonate, worked in moulds. The non-porous surface, protected by a thick layer of gel-coat, can be in glossy or matt white finish.
11What is Tecnoril®?
It is a synthetic product to entire thickness, made up of aluminium hydroxide and high quality acryl. It is a resistant material that can be restored in the event of indelible stains, scratches, and small chips.
12What is Ocritec?
It is a plastic-matrix synthetic product, full-thickness casted. It is easy to clean, resistant to impacts, and price-competitive.
13What are glass surfaces characteristics?
We use an extra-light glass, treated with ecological varnishes. The surface is treated with a special anti-limescale and antistatic product for an easy cleaning and to ensure its shine.
14What is Ecomalta®?
It is a material composed of mono-component, water-based eco-friendly mortars and natural and recycling aggregate such as quartz, marble and glass. This material is applied by hand with irregular effects in the surface or in the colour that makes the tops every time different and for this reason unique.
15What is Deimos-Stone?
It is a compact, non-coated material, constituted by the combination of several natural elements and performance polymer resin. The hygienic, fire-resistant and non-porous surface is durable and easy to clean with common household detergents.
16Can I combine a Cerasa ceramic basin with ceramic products of other brands?
Yes, it’s possible because nowadays ceramic companies have standardized the white glaze, therefore any differences in shade have to be considered slight and negligible.
17What can I use to clean the elements without damaging them?
Elements should generally be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water, only: this preserves the beauty of the lacquer and the wooden surfaces.
18What can I use to clean the tops?
Tops can generally be cleaned with a simple neutral detergent diluted in water.
19What is the ideal height to install a bathroom cabinet?
Generally, a bathroom cabinet is installed at a height of 85 cm from the floor, referring to the upper edge of the basin: you will find detailed installation instructions with the wall mounting details inside our elements.
20What kind of warranty is there on Cerasa products?
Cerasa guarantees its products to be compliant with the legislation currently in force concerning consumer warranty. This warranty covers all production flaws that may appear on the product.
21Which washing machine should I buy for a Cerasa washing machine element?
These elements of Cerasa collection are sized based on the common washing machines available on the market. Any special request should be evaluated by our technical office.